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Company Law

In business, one encounters new challenges on a daily basis. We are at your side to ensure that your project safely circumnavigates all legal hurdles. We draft your tailor-made company statutes, assume the representation at meetings of shareholders and recommend the appropriate legal measures to the management. And if, despite all this, a conflict arises, we will fight out your shareholder dispute competently and in a solution-oriented way.

Commercial and Contract Law

Your business partners trust you. In order to keep it that way, both sides must be able to rely on the agreements made. We help you to anchor your economic interest in your individual contracts. We provide you with Terms and Conditions of Business (TCBs) and privacy policies. Of course, internationally recognised and in English if desired.

Startups and Venture Capital

Your idea means your chance. We support founders in all legal issues. We advise you on questions as to legal form, financing, shareholder agreements, contracts of service etc. and accompany your entrepreneurship. We guarantee business angels and co-investors a legally stable framework for their participation and a clean exit scenario.

Labour Law

Successful businesses are built on successful employees. The employer and employee relationship in Germany is strictly regulated and the rules are constantly changing which is why we invest in on-going legal training for all of our lawyers. Whether you are founding a new company, selling an established business or restructuring an enterprise, our firm can advise on all matters of labour law including before, during and after the employer/employee relationship.For employees we can also advise you of your rights and take the necessary action in the courts to ensure those rights are enforced.


Our aviation practice includes a team of international lawyers with vast legal, commercial and operational knowledge of the aviation industry that goes beyond standard legal advice. From setting up new airlines in Europe and Africa to negotiating complex financial transactions to settling minor disputes, we have the segment fully covered.

Our deep industry knowledge includes:

• all aspects of aircraft acquisitions and dispositions including operating and finance leases, negotiations with manufacturers and lessors, sale and leaseback transactions, aircraft financing and long-term aircraft lease management;

• vast regulatory schemes including working with various civil aviation authorities and airports;

• ACMI / full charter/ split charter/ ad-hoc charter agreements;

• Insurance negotiations and claims;

• Passenger and employee claims;

• Negotiating with all aviation industry service providers including maintenance facilities, suppliers, ground handlers, etc;

• All aspects of dispute resolution and litigation.

In addition to our in-house capabilities, we can leverage a wide network of tax, insurance, financial and technical aviation experts to ensure our clients have access to the necessary know-how for even the most complex transactions.

Real Estate and Landlord / Tenant Law

The Berlin real estate market has been undergoing vast expansion and regulatory change for the past 10 years and our law firm ensures it is up-to-date on all aspects of the constantly changing market. Real estate can be a capital investment or provision for retirement and is the centre of family, financial interests or a business location. We will work with you to serve your specific interests on every transaction. Our clients include property management companies, apartment owner associations, commercial and private landlords/tenants and sellers/buyers in all aspects of this sector.

Our law firm can provide contractual and dispute advice as well as notary services and our network of tax and insurance professionals are also at hand to provide support where needed.

Building and Architect Law

For a project to be successful all participants must be protected. For our clients we examine your planning and building contracts, guarantees and project agreements to ensure all aspects work together. We advise property developers, building contractors and insurance companies to achieve the project’s success. In the event of disputes, we will work with you to determine the most acceptable compromise for you – and if that doesn’t succeed, we will conduct your law suit efficiently, professionally and nationwide.

Insurance Law

Our expertise in insurance law comprises the defence and assertion of insured benefits. In building law, medical law and general liability matters. Insurers and insured parties trust us when it comes to a dispute.

Art and Charity Law

Our lawyers advise clients on the full range of legal issues that arise concerning works of art including contract, tax, intellectual property, insurance, estate planning, museum lending and personal property law. We have represented artists, individual and institutional collectors, galleries and museums and have worked closely with dealers and auction houses.

In addition to our in-house talent, we have a network of professionals that can also assist with provenance research, looted art issues, appraisals and insurance

Marriage and Divorce

From decades of family law practice, we know every family has unique needs. We work closely with our clients to draft pre-marital and asset distribution agreements that address these needs with a solid legal foundation. In the event the parties go their separate ways: in divorce and maintenance questions we will stand up for your interests competently and assertively. No war of roses – but fair representation of interests.

Estate Law and Asset Planning

Our firm has a long history assisting families with comprehensive estate planning advice to ensure a clear plan is in place when most needed. We understand the intensely personal nature of inter-generational planning and offer the best advice to make sure that the client’s plan is enabled on solid legal ground. Whether it concerns your business succession, asset distribution or the establishment and administration of a charitable foundation, we show you what is possible and how.

Portuguese Desk

For many years now, we speak fluent Portuguese and are the first contact address for clients from Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde and other countries. We advise companies which seek to establish themselves in Germany. We assist in labour law and all other civil law issues. Embassies include our law firm on their recommendation lists. Até breve!

International Contract Law

Your business is local and thinks globally. We speak fluent English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. We examine and draft your contracts, including the choice of law and court venue clauses. We draw your attention to risks and, together with our foreign partner law firms, develop a tailor-made solution. Your situation is individual and deserves an individual solution.

Debt Collection and Execution

After the issue of the enforceable instrument comes the execution. We help you to get your money, with a wide network and suitable legal tools, in Europe and, if necessary, also outside the continent. Do not give up if the debtor doesn’t pay. We will advise you fairly and appraise your cost-benefit expense realistically.

Company Law

Corporations are founded, transferred, renamed, transformed and liquidated. Your capital increases or decreases, and occasionally controversial resolutions are passed. In all these scenarios you can draw on the support of a competent contact person and a notary’s practice specialising in company law which will arrange for a clean transition and a watertight entry in the commercial register.

Notary Liability Law

Notaries are liable when they make mistakes. It is not easy to recognise when this is the case and to make a legal appraisal. Our decades of experience in the notary’s practice enable us to take a second and third precise look at your deed and to identify any ambiguities. If a case of liability exists, we will enforce the claim for you.

Inheritance Law

Careful planning is everything. In order to implement your thoughts, we advise you in depth on your succession arrangements. To ensure that these arrangements are also implemented, you should secure them in a notarised deed. We will assist you in all conceivable configurations.

Real Estate Law

A real estate property is a long-term investment. It is financed, secured and possibly transferred further. Residential property is partitioned and servitudes are created. We have decades of experience in the notary’s practice specialised in real estate. Contact us if your matter relates to an entry in the land register.

Public Records Retrieval

Our full-service law firm offers clients a professional, digital and comprehensive record retrieval service. We have a long-standing relationship with a large international insurance company to comprehensively procure all damages files for which there may be compensation claims in order for the client to ensure its rights and obligations are efficiently managed and processed. Our partners can rely on us to provide them fast and complete digitalised records regardless of the volume.

Our strong team of highly trained professionals manage the entire process from the automated request, the file retrieval, scanning, fee processing and the efficient return within 24 hours of receipt. Our process allows us to take advantage of cost-free transmission over the court portals in Berlin as well as over digital interfaces such as EGVP across Germany.

The entire process is naturally secure through our detailed attention to data protection and client confidentiality. For further information regarding this unique and specialised service please contact our Team Head, Manual Krack.