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Marian Hensky

Attorney & Partner

Attorney Marian Hensky (born1985) is the youngest partner in our firm and has been practising s an attorney since 2014. He gained his legal training in Berlin, Santa Cruz (Bolivia), Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Port Louis (Mauritius). His special area of expertise is international business law; attorney Hensky recently passed the theory examinations for qualification as an expert attorney in this field. He advises and represents companies and private persons in all matters relating to contract and company law, including issues involving the legal systems of other states.  Besides his activity as an attorney, he has been appointed as chairman of a non-profit foundation dedicated to asset management and promotion of the objectives defined in its statutes. He speaks German, Spanish, English and French.

Key areas

  • Commercial and company law
  • (cross-border) enforcement of debts
  • Law of fine arts and foundations
  • Labour law


  • AG Internationales Wirtschaftsrecht im Deutscher Anwaltsverein (DAV) [Working Group on International Business Law in the German Association of Lawyers]

030 8847106-0